Traditional blessings for safe travel can be found all over the globe. The Irish like to say “Slan Agus Beannacht Leat” or “Goodbye and Blessing.” How many times have family members parted with a simple safe travel blessing being their last words? Whether it’s your kids taking off for college or waving goodbye to the grandparents after the holidays, wishing for a safe trip is a tradition in many languages. The thing is, there is very little well-wishers can do to ensure their family and friends arrive to a destination safely. Praying for good weather and safe roads can be about as far as most go.employee travel security
Employee travel safety is a bit different. When Human Resources sends an employee off on a business trip, it will take more than blessing the plane. Travelling VIP’s are still under the care of their corporation and safety requires a more pro-active approach. Prayers are fine culturally speaking, but real tools for arriving safely to any destination is what works in the business world. Ensuring the employee has the best executive travel safety app is a good start.

Executive Travel Safety in Any Language

Small differences in language can determine if the right message gets across. Even though most people say “drive safe” that’s not grammatically correct. It’s “drive safely.” In the English language, that type of mistake doesn’t change the message. If a VIP is buying a train ticket in Germany, the language barrier could pose a problem. For instance, nach translates as “to.” If a VIP is needs buy a U-Bahn ticket arriving to Hamburg at a quarter to five, they may say Viertel nach funf, but that’s not right. They’ll end up in Hamburg a half hour late! Viertel vor is the correct term. Simple differences in language can make an executive too early or too late for an appointment. Timing may not affect executive travel safety too much, but punctuality is big deal in Germany, so it doesn’t give a good impression.  

Of course, some language difference can threaten the life of a travelling employee. If an executive leaves their heart medication at a hotel in France and they just flew into India, that’s when it’s a safety risk. There are various types of heart medication, a language barrier could confuse the Indian pharmacist. Instead of struggling, GlobalSecure’s executive travel safety team can help. Using the GlobalSecure’s FoneTrac app, a translator can be reached 24/7 to help ensure the right medicine is prescribed.

In many ways companies are considered family. When a VIP takes off overseas on business, some employees may even remind them to “Travel Safely.” When HR provides that VIP with the best executive travel safety app, the message is clear.