Whether travelling overseas on business or for pleasure, no one expects to have their beach time interrupted by a natural disaster. Yet, on a perfectly sunny day by the sparking ocean, an off-shore earthquake can strike, triggering a life-threatening tsunami. Many vacationers may initially not believe that the large wave is on its way. That’s because a tidal wave from a Tsunami starts off slow and gains strength as it makes it way to the shoreline. Employee Medical EvacuationYou know time is looming shorter when the shoreline waters begin to recede. Vacationers may still think they have time to slowly pack up their items and casually walk back to their hotel. We are here to say, at that moment it’s important to take any alerts seriously and get on the move. This is an adequate metaphor for the importance of international security for our key executives and employees. Let’s focus on medical evacuation services, for example.

When a company VIP is taking time off between meetings to enjoy a lovely day along the Japanese coastline, threats to their safety aren’t on the agenda. That’s why the support of a pre-planned employee medical evacuation process is their best ally. Instead of being swept up in the danger of a natural disaster, here are GlobalSecur’s steps to moving a travelling executive to higher ground.

Security Alert: Before the waves recede, your employee will receive an alert from the FoneTrac app. Details about the location of the off-shore earthquake and the timing of a possible tsunami are ready to review. (Note: we are speaking metaphorically). An employee medical evacuation may not be necessary at that moment, but GlobalSecur’s local connections and resources will be alerted to the possibility.

VIP Location: An employee’s whereabouts will be monitored along with the emerging threats nearby. If your VIP is located near the same shoreline a tsunami is expected to hit, they will be alerted to the danger and can view their location as well as the location of the oncoming threat.

Going Up – Partners in Action: GlobalSecur has relationships with trusted allies all over the world. If your executive has packed up their gear and is searching for safety, the nearest locations will be communicated to them. Local hotels and transport can quickly help move guests along with your VIP to higher ground and away from rushing waters.

Medical Security Monitoring and Alerts: GlobalSecur will monitor natural disasters along with epidemics and other country-wide emergencies. A dangerous tsunami can leave disease and infection in its wake. If a cholera outbreak or “Tsunami lung” is affecting the population, your executive will be warned. If it’s deemed too risky to stay, an employee medical evacuation plan will be put in action.

Bypassing the threat of a natural disaster is the first plan of action. Many times, a large and near-fatal earthquake can’t be predicted, but an HR manager can still help their employee prepare for it with the support of IMG. Whether the VIP has the resources to find higher ground, or secure an employee medical evacuation, depend on GlobalSecur to provide the resources.