Fall is the time U.S. companies offer open enrollment for their employees. Corporate staff looking to change their existing medical care, or sign up for a new plan are finally able to make it happen. If a VIP doesn’t handle changes during open enrollment, they will have to wait a full year before they have the chance again. Top benefits like retirement and health plans are a big draw during the hiring process. Highly skilled professionals ask to thoroughly review a benefits package before signing on the dotted line. Special perks and a strong health insurance package can influence job seekers. International Employee Medical AssistanceSo, while HR managers are recovering from the open enrollment season, they may start thinking about including GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance as a selling point to their senior management.

How so? Well as an executive travels abroad, he or she (and his or her family) will want to be safe. They want to stay in contact with the home office, as well as have services such as information alerts, medical support, and even evacuation services at their fingertips. They want to know that when they “leave home” they don’t “leave at home” the reliability of the US health and safety system. GlobalSecur helps bring this with them by using our travel safety app and back office technology. Now, we can’t guarantee that the world is safe – of course. No one can. But by using our systems, you can help your employees and executives who travel abroad to know that they can be safER in a less safe world.

If your new executive has signed up for a position that requires overseas travel, GlobalSecur offers an important benefit. Sometimes traveling on business can seem like a “perk” to an executive. Especially if they have the chance to stay in premier hotels and enjoy a little time off in the process. If your VIP becomes ill or injured during the trip, then a benefit turns into a liability. Also, a healthcare package isn’t enough. For overseas emergencies, logistics and active employee medical assistance is vital.

Prescribe an Employee Medical Assistance Plan to your VIP’s Benefits

Companies catering to Generation Xers and Millennials offer extra “fun” benefits to entice skilled workers. Perks like “Peppermint Mocha Fridays” or “Sushi for Lunch Tuesdays” are nice amusements. HR managers may also give highly skilled executives goodies like theater tickets or premium box seats to a basketball game. These are all great little extras, but the real “meat” of a benefits package is medical benefits. A smart medical plan, with access to the best care and specialists is always a big seller to highly skilled professionals. Offering the extra benefit of employee medical assistance anywhere in the world may be another attractive perk. Although a travelling executive may be able to get medical care overseas through their benefits, safe and secure logistics reside in another wheelhouse.

The GlobalSecur employee medical assistance process offers access to 24/7 medical support services wherever and whenever required. If your VIP comes down with a dysentery in India, or influenza in Germany, they need care right away. Knowing who to go to and support for getting there is a top priority. A sick VIP may have good medical insurance, but logistics are first priority. Directly speaking to a reliable person about finding the best hospital in India and arrangements for transportation get them closer to recovery. GlobalSecur has a logistics support team to help an executive find the best medical care whatever country they become sick in. The best perk? GlobalSecur’s open enrollment for travelling employee medical assistance is available anytime of the year.