If you turn on the news in the winter, there’s usually a story about a hiker who get lost in the woods during a snowstorm. It may be because they weren’t checking the weather reports and get caught by surprise. Other times they may have decided to take a detour and didn’t prepare for trouble in advance. When someone is lost in the woods, especially in freezing temperatures, loved ones hold tight to each other hoping to hear good news. While friends and family wait, search and rescue teams are out looking high and low for any sign of the lost traveler. Executive Travel MonitoringIf found alive, they are either starving, frostbitten, or just a little dehydrated. It depends on how well the hiker prepared for an emergency in advance. Today, anyone who loses their way can rely on a smartphone to quickly call out for help. The type of phone plan and support will directly affect how well their message gets out. The same thing can be said for an executive travel monitoring app and service.

What goes for travelers and hikers is also true for executive monitoring; even when an executive travels to a country like Mexico, Argentina, or Saudi Arabia, they can use our services to be monitored and stay in contact both with your back office and the GlobalSecur network of help.

HR managers may lose touch with an employee travelling overseas too. VIP’s travelling in big cities can get lost if bad weather shows up. An unexpected snow storm could make icy roads too dangerous for a taxi ride to a conference. Thick snow can stop wreak havoc with airports and push back flight schedules too. At that time, a trusted executive travel monitoring app is the best connection to back home. If the travelling VIP is still high in an airplane or low to the ground, a reliable and comprehensive executive travel monitoring app will help find them. By working on conjunction with our FoneTrac® travel safety app, we at GlobalSecur can work as a total service to help you stay in touch with senior executive who go on international travel.

Executive Travel Monitoring Verifies VIP Safety as the Dust Settles

Let’s say your VIP isn’t anywhere near snow. Instead, your company sends them to a much warmer climate like Abu Dhabi or Qatar in Saudi Arabia. This is a part of the world where enormous sandstorms can stop business in a matter of minutes. If your executive is lucky, they are already in their hotel room looking out the window and down at a giant sand cloud ready to engulf the city. Even if a VIP is stranded in their room, the FoneTrac executive travel monitoring app allows HR to check on their safety. A cancelled meeting due to sand isn’t great, but at least an HR manager can ensure their overseas VIP is secure.

What if an executive is already out in the city between a business meeting and the hotel? They could be stuck on the streets as a sand storm is approaching, and may run for cover into the nearest building. How can you find them when the VIP can’t even read a street sign? With thick swirling sand all around, the FoneTrac executive travel monitoring app can still locate a VIP. Not only that, the GlobalSecur team can help arrange a secure pick up and transport back to safety if needed. And if a bit if sand has gotten into their eyes and the employee needs to visit a doctor, GlobalSecur can help arrange for that too.

When people venture out into the world, there is a possibility they could lose their way. Wise HR managers know to prepare their employees with a top executive travel monitoring app. One that will be there in sand or snow, in the sky or on the ground. If your executive is planning an overseas trip, contact us to discuss our executive travel monitoring app and GlobalSecur services.