People have to do very little for themselves these days. A variety of services have made getting help easy, yet some people prefer the DIY route. It could be due to thrifty habits that have helped them get ahead. For instance, instead of picking up a $5 Pumpkin Spiced Latte every Friday on the way to work, one could technically make it at home for a fraction of the cost. Yet leaders can be the opposite: they like to do-it-themselves, they like to be in charge, and they don’t like to ask for help. Employee Travel Security SupportSome people grew up using homemade remedies to recover from an illness, like the famously old-fashioned “chicken soup and rest” method, which may have worked. Many successful people take pride in doing things on their own with little fuss or support. It may have gotten them where they are today.

Self-motivation is a trait corporations normally like to see in their employees. Industrious thinkers can “get things done” and figure out the best way to accomplish something without much supervision. Still, there is a flip side to an autonomous employee. Their self-sufficient pride can become a liability if not kept in check. If an independent VIP is flying overseas on business, GlobalSecur’s employee travel security support offers several services without squashing a self-reliant spirit. Pre-planning for disasters before overseas travel is a great strategy. Being independent doesn’t mean an executive will ignore expert advice. It means they like to be part of the emergency plan and can do their part in managing their own security. (Your job as the HR person is often to get institutional “buy in” for the idea of using an employee travel security consulting firm like IMG GlobalSecur, plus the infrastructure like FoneTrac to support it via mobile smartphones).

Do-it-Yourself Employee Travel Security Support GlobalSecur-Style

Let’s say your executive is travelling to an earthquake prone country, like India. This type of disaster is not something an independent employee can anticipate, or be 100% ready to handle alone. Pre-planning for such an event is essential to successfully surviving it. GlobalSecur’s emergency response team can meet with HR and travelling employees to review everyone’s part in an overseas security threat like unexpected earthquakes. The plan can include using the FoneTrac app to verify the employee’s location and current health. It can also include an expert security support team on the ground to evacuate the VIP if they’ve been injured. Constant communication shared between security and a travelling VIP allows personal reliance (knowing where to go and what to do) while letting the experts to do their job (employee travel security support).

What may seem to be a simple problem, a slight fever, can be very different from catching a cold back home. Staying in for bed rest and hot soup may do the trick. A bowl of chicken soup won’t be the remedy if a travelling employee has a fever overseas. Outbreaks like the avian flu and Zika virus can easily spread through entire cities within a matter of days. The key ingredient to recovering is expert medical care specific to the illness; GlobalSecure’s medical alert team monitors medical threats 24/7. If a possible pandemic is on the rise nearby, the VIP will receive an update and medical alert via FoneTrac. If the opportunity to receive quick treatment, like a vaccine, is available the employee will be notified where to go. If the executive has already come down with signs of a fever, and is too weak to go themselves, GlobalSecur will make arrangements and deploy pickup and delivery to expert medical care.

Sometimes, even “Do-it-Yourself” types know when they’ve gotten over their heads and need to call an expert. Pre-planning for employee travel security support helps VIP’s continue to be in charge of themselves and know who will be in charge when a disaster strikes. If you are an HR manager supporting a team of independent world travelling employees, feel free to contact GlobalSecur. Our team is aware of the things that can go wrong in specific countries. We will help with brainstorming and pre-planning solutions for your overseas security emergencies.