Company VIP’s are used to getting what they need when they need it. Until then, they are in charge and calling the shots. HR managers are happy to accommodate the requests of a top VIP because great leaders require great support. Yet, it is always a balance between managing the location of VIP’s abroad, and allowing them to lead the way.
The “make it happen” attitude of many executive employees is what keeps the business moving. If there is a problem with a distribution center in Mexico, the VIP may order staff toexecutive travel security solve the problem to keep products moving. If there are legal issues with a new manufacturing plant in Brazil, the executive may demand that corporate attorneys work overtime to find a solution to get things up and running. This perseverance normally also applies to their own performance. If their presence is required to complete a business transaction in Hong Kong, China they may hop on a red-eye to get there by the next morning.

While this is a fine trait in a leader, it can be a dangerous one if there is a typhoon warning near the hotel they will be staying at. Sometimes, top executives are so focused on their work they ignore the signs of possible dangers. A corporate VIP security expert can help gently navigate a fixated executive to safety. Executive travel security, in short, can be quite a challenge!

GlobalSecur’s Corporate VIP Security Team is Large and in Charge

While a star executive is immersed in detangling the latest company chaos, their corporate VIP security team is on task as well. Giving the executive space to work while keeping them safe and informed is the first priority. Global monitoring happens behind the scenes with 24/7 world-wide auditing of current weather and criminal activity via GlobalSecur’s incredible back-end system. If a group of tropical cyclones are threatening to become a typhoon headed towards the VIP’s hotel in the Philippines, GlobalSecur’s threat monitoring will be active. If a security threat is imminent, GlobalSecur’s corporate VIP security team puts their executive protection plan in place and alerts the executive immediately. Local, on-the-ground security forces will provide transportation to move the VIP to a safer location where they can continue to calm their own corporate storms.

It’s also normal for busy executives to ignore their own health when solving an important corporate task. They may have flown out of the U.S. with the sniffles only to end up two days later in India with a debilitating fever. Now they are sick, in another country and may not be familiar with India’s healthcare system. There is a big difference between local clinics, care facilities and hospitals. If a VIP is already under the weather, struggling to find medical care quickly it could be a challenge in their condition. With a quick medical alert through the companion FoneTrac travel safety app, GlobalSecur’s can transport that sick VIP the best medical care the country has to offer. Corporate VIP security can also follow up to ensure all medications and recovery are going smoothly.

Great leaders never give up. When their safety is threatened, however, it’s time to let go and allow a security expert to lead. The corporate VIP security team at GloabalSecur leads the way to safety without stepping on a busy VIP’s toes. If you are a company leader looking for a global security team to follow your VIP’s, contact IMG, Incident Management Group, for a discussion.