Every company has a time off policy for employees. When an employee falls ill, taking time off for illness is a normal part of the package. Busy executives hate taking sick days off, so by the time they do, they might be really sick. What happens when your VIP has fallen ill overseas?It’s not as simple as staying home to recover…because they are not home! They are in another country, with a different healthcare system! GlobalSecur offers overseas medical support including employee medical evacuation abroad as part of a total employee travel security system. Here are a few things HR mangers need to know when their employee has fallen under the weather in another country;

Don’t Waste Time Lost in Translation

VIP’s can be multilingual, which is a great benefit when doing business overseas. Still, understanding a few important phrases is different from solid communicatiemployee travel securityon if they are in trouble, not to mention ill or disoriented. When an executive is suffering from more than a stomach ache, there could be several reasons for it. Trying to explain the problem in a Chinese clinic may not come across as clearly as it should. Instead of wasting time working out the language, Globalsecur can have a translator speak for them. The most important goal is securing medical support for your sick employee. Clear communication between a GlobalSecur translator and a local medical professional saves your VIP time and discomfort.

Little Scrape, Big Problem

Accidents happen and little things can turn into big problems if not monitored diligently. A small cut on the leg is not seen as a big deal back home. A little antibiotic ointment and a band aid usually solve the problem. When a VIP gets a cut bumping into a piece of rusty metal walking in New Delhi, maybe the cut isn’t so innocent. If a readily available napkin and bottle of water are not fixing the problem, GlobalSecur’s medical security team is ready to speak with your injured employee. The medical team can help locate professional medical support nearby and even arrange transportation.

Keep Calm and Take Your Medicine

When executives travel overseas on business, they may be used to losing a few things along the way. Misplacing a pair of earbuds is no problem, as it’s easy to replace them. If the executive misplaces their heart disease medication, however, it could be dangerous. When your overseas employee has lost their medication for a chronic illness, they can reach for their phone and push FoneTrac’s medical alert feature. A medical expert can access the situation and make arrangements to replace the much-needed medication from a reliable pharmacy within the country. If for any reason this isn’t possible, GlobalSecur will arrange for an employee medical evacuation service and relocate them to a nearby country that can fill the prescription quickly.

Employee Medical Evacuation Abroad Applies to Family Members Too

We know it’s not just the employee travelling abroad. Many times family members may come along for the ride too. Employees may think it’s a chance for their children to experience a countries culture first hand. It could be a chance for the family to reconnect with relatives nearby. Either way, GlobalSecur’s international employee medical services cover the employees’ family too. If a child falls and breaks an arm, or a spouse has lost important medication, family members are supported under the same medical safety net as the employee.

Medical emergencies for employee overseas can become a larger problem if the proper support isn’t available. GlobalSecur is the link to overseas medical care, from employee medical evacuation abroad to a quick check up from a local doctor. If your employees are scheduled to travel overseas on business, contact our GlobalSecur team for a medical support and security consultation.