When interviewing an individual who has accomplished greatness in their field, people frequently ask what it took to get there. The answer may include perseverance, patience and taking a few risks.

International Meeting Security Consulting

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What they also end up revealing is the team of people who helped them along the way. Any winning Emmy speech typically includes a list of friends and colleagues who “believed in them.” Because individual achievement is never truly achieved alone. It requires a team of people who are there at the moment the individual needs help most.

Look at anyone who has become a star in their field and you can follow the trail to a large group of supporters. The Kickstarter investors who helped a hardworking entrepreneur get their idea off the ground. The mentor who opened business doors for their protégé. Coaches and other players allowing their best player the spotlight to win the game. Whenever someone has accomplished their dreams, you will find a support system building a path to the winners circle. The same type of teamwork is needed as companies continue to build successful ventures overseas. Travelling executives can stay focused on their goals while overseas meeting security experts keep the path clear along the way.

The Power of Teamwork: Overseas Meeting Security Helps Clear the Path to Success

While flying across the globe on business, VIP’s can run into all manner of safety risks. Powerful security experts are prepared to take action in any form required; in tech, in communication and in person. IMG overseas meeting security consulting works together with GlobalSecur and FoneTrac to cover the territory. For instance, obvious threats abroad can be those covered in the news like a Zika outbreak in the Philippines or a terrorist attack in Paris. These threats can affect a large group of people where the employee is caught in the crowd. IMG’s overseas meeting security casts a net of support. If the executive is lost among the masses in a dangerous spot, FoneTrac will send out an alert to the executive and track their location. Then GlobalSecur can coordinate on-the-ground help to find, protect and evacuate the employee to safety. If the VIP is injured, immediate medical care will arranged as well.

There are other overseas meeting security risks that may be specific to the employee, and the employee travel security issues that are connected to meetings. When their taxi breaks down on the way to a conference in New Delhi, it could happen in crime-ridden neighborhood. That’s where the executive may want to reach out via phone using the FoneTrac panic alert feature. They can request quick on-the-ground transportation and get safe transport to the meeting.

Security teamwork also includes planning ahead and paying attention to emerging dangers to the company as a whole. Cyber security threats continue to rise as the global economy progresses. IMG’s team of cyber security experts are aware of the latest hacking techniques and where a threat is likely to come from. They will consult with a company to help continue the safe flow of information at home and abroad.

Successful business executives understand the power of a smart team. IMG’s overseas meeting security team, which includes FoneTrac and GlobalSecure, clears the path for a company on its way to greatness. If you are a company leader looking to clear out the security roadblocks, contact IMG, Incident Management Group, for a discussion.

Photo credit: Horasis via Foter.com / CC BY-SA