The term “international security” can conjure the image of mysteriously silent men in black suits and dark glasses standing by to act when a VIP is in danger. That is a great scene for movies, but normally, security personnel are less obvious and their job can require a lot of waiting around.

Employee Medical Assistance Overseas

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Although security experts are ready to act when a terrorist threat raises its ugly head, most emergencies for traveling executives are a bit more routine. Everyday mishaps that occur in the states, such as a cold or stomachache, can become a life or death security risk overseas.

VIP’s who often travel abroad on business are susceptible to sub-par medical care. The lack of skilled medical personnel and well-run clinics can turn a simple stomach ache unto a life-threatening medical emergency. That is why international medical monitoring for employee security is important for HR managers to review before sending off their VIP’s on overseas business. A simple medical problem such as appendicitis can turn into a life-threatening medical emergency in an underdeveloped country. Unlike Western countries, other places around the world may not be equipped to conduct a basic appendix removal or even properly care for an open wound.

International Medical Security for Employees is ready in the Golden Hour

Most of the Western world offers travelers access to good healthcare and professionally trained physicians. Whether it is in urban areas or small towns, it is easy to transport, diagnose and treat patients in a short amount of time. Unfortunately a traveling employee does not always do business in countries with easy access to modern healthcare or properly trained medical staff. Places like India have a different type of healthcare system. Although some private hospitals offer excellent care, the general standard of care depends on where a VIP is visiting. If sick, they could get caught in a labyrinth of broken systems and poorly trained medical staff. That’s when an international medical security team for the employee can step in to navigate the healthcare landscape.

If you have an ill VIP it is key to get them in front of a skilled physician within the first hour. This is called the “golden hour” where quick attention can help with a quicker recovery. Most simple illnesses, such as diarrhea or fever can be resolved easily if the employee sees a doctor within that time frame. Due to poor infrastructure many roadblocks hinder your executive from getting help during that time. That’s where international medical security for employees can make the difference. GlobalSecur experts are familiar with each country and understand the cultural norms of the healthcare system. The GlobalSecur medical team can arrange for quick transport to the best medical care available within the country. If an emergency airlift to the nearest country is required, GlobalSecur can do that too. International medical security for employees should not be a mystery. GlobalSecur will meet the gold standard by overcoming healthcare obstacles for your sick VIP overseas.

Photo credit: Like us on Facebook at CAGuard via / CC BY