Multi-tasking is a popular practice for today’s employees. To see multi-tasking in action, visit any airport lobby in the world. There will be a pack of earbud-wearing VIP’s with a latte in one hand, furiously texting with the other. Employee Itinerary MonitoringThey can be seen quickly reviewing presentations on iPads while conferencing or texting on their phone. All the while, working a tight meeting schedule that has them flying into Dubai at 1pm and then hopping over to a conference in Italy by the next morning. Juggling so many tasks can make one a bit forgetful and lose track of time. That’s why most traveling executives rely on an itinerary to stay on top of the next move.

While the VIP is keeping track of their schedule, its important HR managers keep track of their safety. An employee itinerary monitoring system doesn’t ensure everything will go as expected. Late flights, unplanned stopovers and bumper-to-bike traffic in another country can instantly push your executive off schedule. Some mishaps can also put a traveling VIP’s safety in jeopardy. Maybe the employee becomes ill, or a particular city spot near their hotel has experienced a terrorist bombing. It’s vital that whatever time it is in the world, an employee itinerary monitoring system is able to track a traveling executive. Not only that, but smart technology will provide the VIP with a security professional on the ground and ready to help no matter what time it is.

An Expert Employee Itinerary Monitoring System Keeps VIP’s Safe in Any Time Zone

During regular business hours back at the home office, world travelling executives can rely on their staff to send whatever is requested. Whether it’s a newly minted Excel report or a dinner reservation in Paris, they’ll get it quickly. Some executive assistants may even be available after regular business hours catering to overseas requests. At some point even the most expert executive assistant will go off the clock to rest. That’s when the GlobalSecur employee itinerary monitoring system becomes a VIP’s only reliable connection to home. Unlike an executive assistant, the GlobalSecur team is wide awake 24/7!

If a VIP flies in to Munich at 2am, the employee itinerary monitoring system can send a push notification to the executive to verify that they arrived safely. Maybe the employee is ahead of schedule and rushed out the hotel for an early morning meeting before checking in with corporate. GlobalSecur’s tracking system will show HR where their busy VIP is on the map and ensure they make contact as soon as they are able. The technology also monitors the level of security threats and informs an executive if their itinerary must change to secure their safety. If a VIP is staying in a city with an emerging terrorist threat, even a savvy executive assistant can’t monitor the danger 24/7. GlobalSecur’s world-wide resources will monitor the threat and alert the executive if their safety is compromised. If the threat means it’s time to move on, GlobalSecur professionals will arrange and execute an evacuation plan to get the VIP back to safety. If you are an HR managers searching for smart employee itinerary monitoring technology, the GlobalSer is wide awake and ready to support your VIP’s in any time zone.