As executive travel ramps up for the Fall season, many HR managers are focused on scheduling employee overseas safety. Traveling VIP’s may be expected to follow a busy itinerary with many HR check-in’s to assure the company they have arrived to the hotel safely.

Employee Checkin App

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Schedules aside, in the real world anything can happen to keep the employee from checking in as expected. Late arrivals can happen due to bad weather over Asia or heavy traffic in Brussels. When a scheduled check-in passes by and no one back at “home base” knows where their globetrotting VIP is, that’s when security could be at risk. Yet, what if the employee is fine? Continuous phone calls, texts and emails to the executive’s devices may look more like micro-managing and less like safety assurance.

A smart employee check-in app can keep tabs on employee travel security without harassing executives. If a typhoon is heading towards India the same time as a business meeting in Mumbai, GlobalSecur can track the impending threat until action needs to be taken. If the VIP appears to be in the path of a possible disaster, GlobalSecur will immediately contact HR. FoneTrac teamed with GlobalSecur can send push notifications to the executive informing them of any impending danger and ask for a check-in to ensure their security.

A Smart Employee Travel App that doesn’t Micro-Manage

Traveling VIP’s have enough on their minds without feeling as if a company demands constant attention. From emailing business partners to reviewing reports and presentations, there can be little time to squeeze in. If a corporation constantly sends check-in requests and security texts when the executive is safe, it can become annoying. With GlobalSecur’s employee travel app (Fonetrac), HR can transparently audit the security risks for a traveling employee only making contact when there is a real safety threat emerges.

GlobalSecur monitors various security risks 24/7 and alerts HR and traveling employees of potential hazards. GlobalSecur reviews weather reports, disease outbreaks, political unrest and terrorist attacks. Teamed with FoneTrac, the GlobalSecur employee travel app provides real security when it’s needed. If the VIP is in the path of a terrorist attack, or a hurricane, GlobalSecur will notify HR managers of the threat. A push notification will be sent out to the executive to request contact and on-the-ground security is arranged. Traveling VIP’s may not appreciate constant attention from home base, but when they are in real danger, that’s when they check in for immediate support. If your executive is planning an overseas business trip to one or many countries, contact us at IMG GlobalSecur to discuss the employee travel app.

Photo credit: Grand Canyon NPS via / CC BY