Global travel is on the rise and busy company executives travel from one country to the next to keep business running smoothly. In the meantime, back at the main office, HR managers work to ensure that there is an employee travel security plan at every stop. When the VIP takes a redeye flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and then hops over to Delhi, India, HR managers need a safety strategy to keep up. Although technology has connected people from all over the world, danger in a foreign country can quickly cut ties.

This is why having an employee security plan that connects to real on-the-ground support as well as in the air is vital. IMG GlobalSecur together with FoneTrac offers both. Overseas business trips have flexible employee security plans that move with the VIP. IMG expert consultants can evaluate employee travel plans and develop a safety strategy for each location. Hotel check-in schedules, counterterrorism evacuation plans and medical emergency plans can all be in place before a busy VIP lands at the first airport.

Smart Travel Security: Equal to Hiring a Professional Safety Concierge for your VIPexecutive travel security

Highly rated world hotels employ the best concierge team to support busy business travelers. When a VIP is overseas and needs help for navigating the best places to eat, they ask an expert concierge who is in-the-know. The concierge can book a reservation, schedule a driver and give the executive maps and tips to help them enjoy the evening. This is knowledgeable support from an expert who knows the terrain.

The same can be said for a GlobalSecur employee security plan; executive travel security is one of our most important specializations.  When VIP’s rely on an expert in the field of travel safety, they will be carried through the process and given the tools to enjoy a safe business trip. If trouble arises, such as a medical alert in Brussels or a pickpocket steals valuable ID in Venezuela, IMG GlobalSecur experts are in the country to provide a safe way out.

If your VIP is planning an overseas business trip to one or many countries, contact us at IMG GlobalSecur to see how we can help with your employee security plan.