There are certain verities in the world, e.g. the sun rises in the east. This is well-known, and in fact we know exactly where and exactly when it will rise each day. In contrast, there are future events that are known in outline, but not in specific detail, which makes travel risk assessment more of an art than a science. We know with almost complete certainty that there are people plotting in secrecy to commit a headline-grabbing terrorist attack, but not where or when or how this will happen.

What is well-known is that at that time a series of pre-scripted events will unfold: police response, lockdown of International Executive Travel Security and Monitoringaffected region, transportation interruptions, etc. Also predictable is the need for one’s employees or family members in the affected region to check-in with those back home, and their need for solid information about on-going travel risk assessment so they can determine their next step. This is where Globalsecur can aid travels, with a mobile phone application that enable two-way communication with those in the affected region.

Travel Risk Assessment Must Incorporate Unknowns

It is a fact that travel risk assessment is necessarily based on incomplete information. For example, though it is sometimes derided as little more than weak tea, the travel risk assessment provided in the form of color-coded threat levels is in fact the best assessment authorities have on the known unknowns. Compiling information from multiple sources, though each may be incomplete, provides a clearer pictures of the threat landscape, though the portrait is still fuzzy. The Globalsecur service can keep travelers abreast of the latest assessments, so they can decide if travel plans should be altered based on that information.

Since risk cannot be abolished, the key fact here is that information such as provided via the Globalsecur application allows one to manage the travel risk assessment to the desired level, tailoring it to individual needs. What is comfortable for one person may be intolerable for another. To learn more about how detailed travel risk assessment can help your company or family, reach out to Globalsecur and have one of our friendly staff explain more about the benefits.