Not feeling well, so visit the doctor. Simple equation, yes? These days, not so much. A visit to a healthcare provider means coordinating your visit to a healthcare professional with your insurance provider’s network of approved doctors and hospitals.

Medical Travel Monitoring for Employees

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If you have ever needed to see a doctor while not in your home state, the difficulty of finding someone ‘in-network’ can be a real a stress, in addition to the medical condition you are already experiencing. Now multiply this stress ten-fold if you are traveling in a foreign country and experience a medical emergency. How do you know even where to start looking for aid? To forestall this situation and achieve medical travel security, it would be prudent to plan ahead, and get the Fonetrac mobile phone application which can connect you to a remote support system with expertise in this field.

Medical Travel Security: If Tuesday, This Must be a Belgian Clinic

Consider the issue of medical travel security in Europe. Your itinerary could easily take you through a dozen countries. There is no hope of becoming familiar with all of their healthcare systems ahead of time. Belgium serves as a good case study. Even though ostensibly a single country, as was widely reported after the Paris attacks the country is deeply divided by language differences. If one were to seek medical care, depending on the region you were ailing in, the medical system might be operating under French-region, or Flemish-region, or even German-region regulations. This is not a tangle you do not want to unravel while sick, so leave medical travel security to the experts

Having medical travel security for your employees while traveling overseas brings substantial peace-of-mind, freeing you to enjoy the experience of travel (or concentrate on work, if on a business trip). Your medical travel security comes from knowing that your are backed by a well-established organization that has the infrastructure to provide timely help when it is needed. The Fonetrac mobile phone application is connects you to a live person 24/7, who will provide medical advice appropriate for the situation. This the gold standard, and you should accept nothing less.

The best way to learn more about how to achieve medical travel security is to reach out to Globalsecur and have one of our friendly staff conduct an employee overseas monitoring audit and demo the available software.