In a business journal you may read statistics about “global travel” rising or falling. A trade publication for the airline, ocean cruise or hospitality industries might speak of “overseas travel.” The U.S. State Department couches its press releases in phrases like “international travel.” Are these three separate topics, or they all talking about the same thing? By and large, they are discussing pretty much the same topic. The words can be different, but the fundamental issues are not. For a corporation the important issue of employee travel safety needs are not varying, no matter what terminology is used to describe the event of moving between points “A” and “B” on the globe. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” according to Shakespeare, and the truth of that is evident here.Employee Travel Security

Words, after all, can play tricks on the mind. You might call him or her an employee, a worker, a senior executive, or even a contractor. You might call his or her wife or husband, a spouse or travel companion. And you might call it travel safety or transportation safety, or something else. You get the picture. No matter what words are used to describe it if you send an employee a broad, and he or she, or his or her spouse or child has an issue, you may be held responsible at least in practical terms.

Plan International Employee Travel Safety in Advance

Therefore, before you embark on sending employees or senior executives abroad, you as the hiring manager or human resources executive should sit down and formulate some plans, ranging from best case to worst-case scenarios. Something as simple as an employee getting a serious case of the flu can actually become quite a traumatic employee travel safety problem, under the wrong circumstances. And, that is not to mention issues such as the outbreak of something like the Zika virus, or political turmoil which may arise in an unexpected way.

Whichever words are used, there is no substitute for planning in advance employee travel safety. GlobalSecur provides a framework, that utilizes today’s smart phone technology in conjunction with a very sophisticated backend that is also staffed with real people, who can truly assist your employees at that strategic moment.

Employee Travel Safety Abroad, Overseas, or in International Countries: Un-Different

How can we be sure of that? To borrow the words of another writer: “A difference to be a difference has to make a difference.” When looking to employee travel safety nothing changes. Passports, money, itinerary. All these items must be planned out ahead of time; the procedure does not vary. All that being said, there are from time to time some little difference between travelers, for certain countries at least. For example, a vacationer might need one type of visa for certain countries, while someone traveling on business might need another.

That’s the kind of detail that proper pre-trip planning would catch. Reach out to GlobalSecur today and have one of our friendly staff conduct an employee overseas monitoring audit and demo the available software.