Recall the book, or maybe you saw the movie, “Around the World in 80 Days”? Author Jules Verne was cashing in on the fascination of Victorians with the hottest technologies of the day: Trains! Steam-powered ships! It was all so exciting at the time… And now it just seems quaint. International travel is now carried out almost exclusively on jets, and this has made the world much, much smaller. This means you can breakfast in New York, and have your pocket picked in Rio after dinner! Sir, can I perhaps interest you in travel security services?

But, though the world has become smaller, it has not become necessarily easier to be a “stranger in a strange land.” You might not speak the language. You might not know the customs. And you might not be able to navigate your way through a police station, a hospital, or some other type of public service during an emergency. Being in Mexico City by day can be one thing; by night another, and during a major crisis such as a political protest or an earthquake, something entirely different. The world has gotten smaller, technology has gotten better, and yet there is still “no place like home.”

Travel Security AppWhat if I told you that you – and your employees – could take home with you? That it can be right in your / their pocket, so that during an emergency, you could literally dial up help? Or better that help could dial you up BEFORE an emergency to alert you to what’s up. Or that your employees could “check in” automatically on a daily basis so that you, and their loved ones, knew there whereabouts?

Well, Jules Verne, aside that day is here, and that product is called GlobalSecur. Let’s investigate!

Travel Security Services: Crime is a Fact of Life the World Over

Crime can happen in Peoria or Paris, but people usually don’t think about the need for travel security services until they are going to a foreign country. This makes perfect sense as travelers, being fish-out-of-water, make excellent targets. Between jet-lag, distractions related to navigating local transit, and figuring out whether the restaurant you’re standing in front of will serve you food that’s safe to eat, a traveler’s mind is pre-occupied, and less aware of their surroundings.

GlobalSecur, can provide a suite of travel security services that provide remedies that reduce traveler’s risk. First, we provide pre-trip advice designed to raise your security awareness; the very best thing is avoid potential problems before they occur. In the case that something does go wrong, there is 24/7 overseas emergency response, with a single point of contact, for your convenience at that time of maximum stress.

The best way to learn more about our travel security services, of course, is to reach out to us and have one of our friendly staff conduct an employee overseas monitoring audit and describe the available services and software.