As most people know, the advent of cell phones drastically altered many aspects of modern living.

However, many do not appreciate that cell phones may have also reduced violent crime in the United States. Indeed, an analysis by several local law enforcement agencies indicates that cell phones may have reduced violent crime by as much as 4.7%. An academic paper published by the Institute of Law and Economics also studied this issue and found a correlation between the dramatic drop of crime in the 1990s and cell phone adoption.

Cell PhoneThe fact is that a cell phone acts as a personal security / travel security device and deters violent crime in several ways. Most obviously, cell phones allow the victim of a crime, at almost any location, to contact law enforcement while a crime is being committed or shortly thereafter. This capability results in a shortened response time for police and acts as a strong deterrent to potential criminals. In addition to rapid response times, cell phone cameras enable victims and bystanders to provide detailed information to authorities. Finally, cell phones can provide important pieces of evidence during criminal investigations. Call history, text messages, and GPS data act as a trail of clues that can be used to illuminate the details of a crime, ensuring the perpetrator is brought to justice quickly and efficiently.

Employee Travel Security Firm Provides Tips on Cell Phones, Crime, and Travel Security

Experts at IMG GlobalSecur, a top employee travel security firm, believe that cell phones are some of the most practical personal and travel security items available and highly encourage their use. Although smart phones offer additional security capabilities, almost any type of cell phone can significantly increase personal security. Luckily, more than 90% of Americans now own a cell phone.

Before going overseas, travelers should ensure they have phone coverage in their intended area of travel and understand how to contact authorities in the event of emergency. Additionally, travel security apps are now available that can increase the security capabilities of cell phones. For example, the FoneTrac travel security app for iOS and Android devices provides features such as geo-location, global monitoring and panic alerts.

Additionally, organizations and businesses can leverage the FoneTrac travel security app to track and maintain contact with traveling employees, ensuring that they are safe while abroad. Apps like these can substantially increase personal security, provide peace of mind, and help organizations meet their duty of care obligations.

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