GlobalSecur® Travel Safety Programs

GlobalSecur® Global Monitoring Service (GMS) is one of the leading travel security solutions on the market today. Our program was developed by top international security experts and implemented by a company with over 20 years of an industry experience. With GlobalSecur®, your organization will have access to a robust worldwide security solution that can be customized to fit your exact needs and budget.

GlobalSecur® provides your organization with the following benefits and advantages:

  • Cost-effective & Technically Advanced Alternative
  • Global Tracking, Threat Monitoring & Notification
  • A Hands-on, Tailored Approach
  • FoneTrac® Worldwide Smartphone Monitoring

Cost-effective and Technically Advanced Alternative

GlobalSecur® has been developed from the ground up to meet your specific travel security needs and provide the content, function, and options for your organization, large or small. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, GlobalSecur® was designed from the outset by security, health, and travel professionals to provide client-tailored solutions based on your practical needs and budgetary restraints.

Our Travel Safety Program leverages the latest technology, allowing your corporate managers and security professionals to monitor the current threat environment and maintain visibility of your traveler locations. Acknowledging current needs, Global Monitoring includes a flexible, automated or manual data entry travel data capture system that integrates data from multiple travel agencies. Also, travel-related security costs are kept to a minimum, since there are no limits on the number of monitored travelers or additional, add-on costs such as PNR fees.

FoneTrac® Worldwide Smartphone Monitoring

FoneTrac® is an employee travel security app that allows business travelers, study abroad students and others to keep in touch with their organization and the IMG GlobalSecur 24/7 Command Center. FoneTrac® is a unique primary/secondary location positioning service – one that is managed by us specifically for your organization.


The system is equipped with “Check-In” and “Panic” buttons. The Check-In function is used in various ways to support secure journey management – Check-In on arrival, at the hotel, at a meeting site, etc. The purpose is to reinforce ongoing communications and signify traveler well-being, and to respond if Check-Ins are not received and in the event of an emergency. We maintain trusted, global resources able to intervene in any emergency.


FoneTrac®, together with our Global Monitoring System, has a number of available options. These include pre-trip country/city reports, threat notification, and self-insured or fully indemnified worldwide medical/security/natural disaster evacuation assistance.


FoneTrac® does not monitor smartphones continually for various reasons and can be enabled or disabled by the user on any iPhone or Android device. FoneTrac® operations interface with GlobalSecur® itinerary monitoring, a secure, Microsoft Azure-based Global Monitoring System.


Whether you or your organization are looking for an affordable business travel security app, an app for study abroad students, or a corporate travel security app, FoneTrac® – backed by industry leaders IMG GlobalSecur and business partner United Healthcare Global – synthesizes the power of an app with travel security information expertise and timely on-the-ground assistance capabilities.

FoneTrac®, now in 4th revision, provides:

  • More precise location monitoring, in addition to supplementary itinerary monitoring
  • Monitoring with no travel itinerary e.g., US/Mexico cross-border operations or to monitor follow-on overseas travel arranged by other travel providers
  • Location monitoring for multiple smartphone platforms iPhone, Android and Windows 8 (under development)
  • User-friendly functions such as location panic alert, traveler check-in, and more!
  • Check out this list of our features & benefits and newest revisions.
  • FoneTrac Update

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The FoneTrac® App has features that include Panic Alert, manual and automatic check-in and built-in contact numbers for routine help and advice. Options include panic notifications sent to US-based, 24/7 control centers and access to IMG GlobalSecur® for advice on any travel-related topic. As an important step, we will assist you in developing and deploying effective responses to a wide array of possible scenarios.

Get the App FoneTrac Mobile Security App for iPhone, Android, Windows

Global Tracking, Threat Monitoring and Notification

Using automatic or manual data capture from one or many travel agents, FoneTrac® data from smartphones, or both, Global Monitoring will plot your traveler locations on a world map. On your behalf, we will constantly compare your travelers' whereabouts with emerging or actual threats, such as a deteriorating political, security or medical environment or a natural disaster. In response, we will issue pre-arranged notifications to you and your travelers based on the situation.

Our firm's professionals will cultivate a thorough understanding of your organization's overseas activities and operations, in concert with your designated company representatives. Through this collaboration, IMG will develop preventative, notification and intervention responses in advance of their actual need. These responses will be drawn up in agreed-upon Case Handling Protocols specifying actions, notifications, intervention, etc. This approach helps facilitate quick and effective resolution of security issues based on your prior approval of predetermined courses of action for an array of potential scenarios.

Monitoring of Travelers' Whereabouts with Emerging or Actual Threats Around the World
IMG will Develop Preventative, Notification and Intervention Responses Before the Need Arises
Communication to Travelers Based on Threat Situation